The truck, which took two police officers hostage for days, may have been driven by a person known to them, according to the Oakland County Sheriff’s Department. The sheriff’s department said in a statement that a person named “Brento” appears to be involved in a separate robbery on Tuesday. A man has been arrested and is cooperating with authorities. He is facing charges of simple auto theft with reckless endangerment, recklessly endangering the welfare of a child and making an unlawful vehicle entry into a motorhome. Police do not suspect robbery or homicide, but they don’t think Brento may have been involved in a single other robbery attempt. A search was conducted for the truck as well. Police and firefighters were called, and Brento remains in custody. The Oakland Hills area is about two miles west of Oakland, and there is a freeway that connects to Cattagopogon. The two trucks are about 40 miles apart and are parked north of the San Francisco Bridge. A vehicle and two passengers were shot in the back in recent years.

In November 2009

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